1.Orientation – client is on restriction from phone calls and visits for the first week of the treatment orientation process.

2.Family Group – meets every Wednesday evening from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. Involvement in the family group will be determined by the individual needs of each client. Following a 7-10 day evaluation period, appropriate family member will be notified by Davee Chandler and given relevant information.

3.Visitation – every Sunday afternoon from 1:00pm – 5:00pm and is for family members only. Visitors must be approved by Therápia. Any items, including food products, brought in by family must be cleared by Therápia Staff. Noncompliance will result in loss of visitation privilege and can result in discharge of client. Family members cannot be on the premises at any time if under the influence of potentially mood altering, addictive substances. This includes any such prescribed medications.

Client must have a physician’s authorization for all prescriptions.
Mind altering or habit forming medications are prohibited.

5.Therápia contacts are as follows:

• Dr Georgiana or Primary Counselor: any treatment information related to the client.

• Dr Georgiana or Primary Counselor: information regarding family program.

• Joni Dyches: billing information.

• Joe Tippits: Admissions information only.

• Ben Harris or Arden Smith: administrative concerns.

6.Due to confidentiality, Therápia may not share information with family members regarding treatment. This is necessary to create, and preserve, an atmosphere of safety and trust in which to provide the most quality treatment for our adult clients.