At Therápia Addiction Healing Center, we have chosen to surround our clients with the beauty of Southern Utah to help in promoting healing and recovery.  This philosophy of creating a healing environment is not new. Thousands of years ago, Greek temples were designed to surround patients with nature, music, and art to restore harmony and promote healing.

In the 19th century, Florence Nightingale spoke of the importance of natural light, fresh air, touch, diet, noise control, and spirituality for healing, saying that healthcare providers should "put the patient in the best possible condition so that nature can act and healing occur." Florence Nightingale also recognized the importance of the internal environment: "To heal, one must be sound in body, mind, and spirit."

We have developed a holistic healing approach to treating addiction that is designed to bring into balance the mind, body and spirit.  With Southern Utah as our campus, we are able to provide experiential therapy in pristine settings of red rock and serene waterfalls. 

Experiential therapy provides our clients with opportunities and experiences that open up new horizons for learning. These activities and experiences can act as a catalyst to help the client work through issues surrounding their drug addiction and other problems. Some of the most impactful changes in behavior come through these personal experiences because they allow the client to be more open and relaxed than they might be in a more structured therapy session.

Our trained therapists lead our clients as they explore and experience Zion National Park, Snow Canyon, Red Cliffs Reserve, Capitol Reef and many other locations.  The beauty, peace and serenity that can be found in these locations provides unmatched opportunities for our clients to open up and explore the issues that need to be resolved in order to live a sober life.

Time spent in these stunning desert settings brings clarity and solitude and provides our clients with time for reflection and contemplation.  The unique beauty of Southern Utah surrounds our clients with a spiritual environment that will aid tremendously in the healing process. 

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Check out the 360 degree view of our beautiful Southern Utah campus:

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