Balance in Your Recovery from Addiction

Here at Therápia, one of the main topics we cover in our gender specific group therapy setting is balance. Balance in your lifestyle, mental faculties, and overall emotional state is essential for a successful recovery, and it will ultimately help keep you from slipping into relapse.

A balanced lifestyle

Having a balanced lifestyle involves engaging yourself in a variety of wholesome activities that will work to replace your addiction. It also means living a life of moderation in everything that you do—be it work, exercise, leisure, or healthful eating—because even wholesome things can become unhealthy and induce stress when done in excess. Balance and moderation are essential skills to impart to recovering addicts, especially, because substance addiction inherently throws our lives out of balance. Addiction also has a way of eliminating the moderation mindset and making our personalities and behavior more extreme.

It is important to avoid extremes of any kind in recovery—positive or negative. We believe that you can create equilibrium in your life through a variety of methods, including regular exercise, meditation, proper nutrition, regular and ample sleep, a healthy work-life balance, and healthy relationship boundaries. Ultimately, all of the lifestyle skills that we teach in our group therapy settings works to help our clients create balanced lifestyles that will promote success throughout recovery.

A balanced mind

Living a balanced lifestyle helps you to maintain balance both mentally and emotionally throughout recovery. Maintaining this balance is essential because it will help you make rational decisions and avoid heightened emotional states that might lead you to relapse. A balanced lifestyle can also prove to be much more fulfilling than the lifestyle you are leaving behind, and it is this improved sense of fulfillment in life that will carry you through your recovery from addiction.