Exercise in Addiction Recovery

At Therápia, we believe in the importance of developing a new, well rounded lifestyle that works to strengthen your recovery from addiction. That is why we include a wide variety of therapy techniques in our gender specific addiction recovery programs, from experiential and equine therapy, to one-on-one and family therapy, to exercise and nutritional therapy. All of these things work together to create the fulfilling lifestyle that ultimately replaces addiction.

There are several ways that exercise can complement and ultimately strengthen your recovery. First, exercise naturally fuels your body with endorphins that increase happiness levels in a way that drugs and alcohol simply can’t duplicate. This gives those who are navigating the early stages of recovery a powerful and natural means of finding those positive feelings that they may have originally turned to alcohol or substances for. Exercise also has the power to strengthen your resiliency to stress, which is vitally important when you consider the fact that stress is a leading trigger for relapse. Many people, including those in recovery, use exercise as a method for coping with stress for this reason, and because it keeps them focused on body movements rather than on everyday stresses. Exercise also has the power to replace idleness, eliminating boredom as a potential trigger for relapse. And ultimately, exercise can work to improve your self-image and overall sense of wellbeing.

At Therápia, we incorporate exercise into our gender specific treatment program in a number of ways. Because of our unique location in St. George, Utah, we can enjoy group therapy in an outdoor setting, participating in activities such as ropes courses, hiking, and horseback riding. We ensure that all of our exercise activities are designed to allow each client to participate regardless of their personal fitness level. Our exercise facilities allow our clients to develop strong personal fitness habits on their own. We also have a personal trainer on staff who will collaborate with each and every client to ensure that they learn how to live a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and physical fitness.