Benefits of Service during Addiction Recovery

Service has the power to strengthen your recovery from addiction significantly, and that is why we at Therápia include outdoor service projects as part of our gender specific treatment programs for men and women. Participating in outdoor service projects gives our clients the opportunity to help others in the community and can help them develop a habit of serving that will serve them well in the months and years following treatment. Here is a look at the many ways that service can help you in your recovery from  addiction.

Improve your physical health.

As part of our gender specific addiction recovery program, we teach our clients about how to nurture strong physical health, offering exercise facilities to help them develop healthy habits of exercise. In addition to regular exercise, our clients will participate in outdoor service projects, which, of course, can require some physical exertion. Our service projects offer a great way for our clients to be physically active without risking overexerting themselves at a time when they are still recovering from the physical harms of addiction.

Strengthen your mental health.

Studies continually show that service also has great potential to strengthen your mental health. It can lower your stress levels, stabilize your emotional health, relieve social anxiety, and even help you build confidence and self-esteem. Volunteering can also help you develop a stronger sense of meaning and identity in life—something that those who are recovering from addiction often crave.

Block off destructive emotions and impulses.

During addiction recovery, it is crucially important to fight off negative self-talk, harmful trains of thought, and impulses to start using again. Service can help significantly to block off these destructive emotions and impulses by instead filling your mind with the positive energy that comes with serving someone else. Simply put, it’s difficult to harbor negative thoughts and emotions when you’re feeling that joy that comes from serving others.

Focus less on addiction.

There are many ways to serve during your recovery from addiction. Many individuals in recovery have an innate desire to help others who are struggling, but the important thing to remember here is that attempting to help others overcome addiction while you are in the early stages of recovery yourself can be dangerous for your own recovery. Outdoor service, meanwhile, allows you to enjoy the benefits of service while distancing yourself from the world of substance abuse and addiction.