25 Apr Spice- Synthetic Marijuana

Spice is a substance that is marketed as a natural, legal alternative to marijuana. It can be found in smoke shops, online, and in convenience stores in some areas. It is supposed to give its users the positive effects of marijuana, without any of the negative side effects.

The truth is that Spice is not a natural product and it can be very dangerous. Spice is made to look like dried plant matter, but it is actually composed of various synthetic chemicals that have been manufactured specifically to produce a high. At one point in time, many brands of spice did contain known cannabinoids derived from plant matter, similar to marijuana, but these substances have been listed as illegal substances by the FDA. In order to maintain sales, the manufacturers of Spice have replaced these substances with a variety of chemicals, many of which are unknown to users. Their effects are also unknown and can be very dangerous.

There are brands of Spice that are still sold legally, but they are not sold as an ingestible product. They are meant to be used as incense, but people can easily obtain them and use them to get high. Spice is very popular among young people because of its availability. They sometimes feel that they are not doing anything wrong because they are not purchasing an illegal substance from a dealer. They can just walk right into a store and obtain spice.

Spice has been linked to serious side effects like increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, and heart attack. Other side effects include confusion, hallucinations, and vomiting. The fact that it’s impossible to know exactly what chemicals are contained in any given brand of Spice makes it impossible for those who use it to know what health risks they are exposing themselves to.

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