Prayer and Addiction Recovery

Here at Therápia, we offer a comprehensive approach to addiction recovery that heals the body, mind, and spirit. Many addiction recovery programs will offer healing for the body and mind through approaches such as outdoor therapy and group and individual counseling, but we believe that an additional component that offers healing to your spirit can only strengthen your recovery further. That is why as part of our gender specific treatment program for men and women we offer daily time for individual prayer, meditation, and study.

Here are some of the many ways that prayer and meditation can strengthen an individual’s recovery from addiction.

Gain humility.

Humility is central to any successful recovery from addiction; in fact, many steps in the 12-step model that our approach is based upon require some degree of humility. In the 12-step model, individuals who are battling addiction must recognize that addiction has taken control of their lives, turn their will and their lives over to a higher being, be willing to address shortcomings, and try to make amends with harmed loved ones. Prayer and meditation are themselves acts of humility as they require you to look outward, so they have the power to help you gain the humility you need to move forward in your recovery.

Ease the burden on your shoulders.

Recovery from addiction can feel like a tremendous responsibility weighing down on your shoulders. Prayer and meditation involve looking outward toward a higher power, and even seeking help beyond your own capabilities. Ultimately, looking outward in this way can help to ease the burden on your shoulders, reminding you that you need not rely on your own strength alone in your recovery.

Find meaning and purpose.

Exercising spirituality through prayer and/or meditation can help you strengthen your relationship with your inner self. Through prayer or meditation, you might experience heightened awareness, acute clarity, a stronger sense of authenticity, and ultimately an increased sense of meaning and purpose in life. Developing this sense of meaning and purpose can prove vital as you seek to put your life back in balance while recovering from addiction.

Build faith.

Finally, prayer and/or meditation can help you build faith in your recovery—faith that you have the strength to overcome addiction; faith that your support system will remain there for you; faith that impaired relationships can be mended; faith that your life will once again find balance as you overcome addiction. Faith, in whatever form it may be, is an essential element in recovery from addiction, and looking outward to a higher power through prayer and/or meditation is a great way to build that faith.