Nutrition and Food Planning in Addiction Recovery

Nutrition and food planning are more entwined with your recovery than you might think. That is why here at Therápia we make food planning and nutritional therapy a part of our comprehensive gender specific treatment programs. We even have a professional chef and licensed nutritionist on staff.

The importance of a healthy diet

Malnutrition (especially undernutrition) is strongly associated with addiction—particularly with alcohol addiction. When an individual consumes high levels of alcohol on a regular basis, those alcoholic drinks work to give the person a sense of fullness, even when that person hasn’t truly consumed the protein and nutrients that he or she really needs. Stimulants, meanwhile, actually suppress the appetite, often leading to malnutrition, and opiates can decrease your body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Focusing more on nutrition during your recovery from addiction, then, can strengthen your recovery significantly. A well rounded diet can consistently leave you with a sense of fullness and nutritional satisfaction that drugs and alcohol simply can’t duplicate. A healthy diet can also contribute to your overall state of wellbeing, even helping to control mood swings and reduce cravings for drugs or alcohol during the early stages of recovery.

Nutrition and food planning techniques

During your time with Therápia, you will have the opportunity to engage in nutritional therapy and learn key techniques in food planning, all of which can strengthen your recovery. You’ll learn, for example, how to balance your diet with proteins and carbohydrates in order to reduce the effects of cravings, and how to plan out small and frequent meals in order to help reduce mood swings. For many of our clients, nutrition even becomes a passion in and of itself, and in our program these clients gain strong footing in a new hobby that will ultimately become a strong part of their new, post-addiction lifestyle.

A better lifestyle

Remember: addiction recovery isn’t just about becoming clean; it’s about building a new life around your newfound sobriety, engaging yourself in wholesome, fulfilling activities and growing into a lifestyle where addiction simply has no room to creep back into your life. Nutrition plays a significant role in helping you grow into that lifestyle, and therefore we enjoying making it a part of our gender specific treatment programs.