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Addiction Healing for Men

We know that men who struggle with drug addiction can't achieve healing and recovery alone. Our recovery program is designed to provide comprehensive treatment during a period of residential therapy and aftercare counseling, but there are also many other organizations that provide help and support both before and after your time in full-time treatment. Below are links to some of these resources.


"I did so not want to go to Therapia But wow am I glad I did! My family recognized that I had a problem with my prescription pain pills and approached me about it. I promised them I would get it under control and get sober. I was in denial. I thought that because the pills were an Rx from a doctor, everything would was legit."
""I am a 39 year old man who had lost everything that mattered in life - wives, children, a lucrative business, family and friends. I had given up on life and had decided I was a hopeless case. After trying to end it all one night I decided I needed help or I was going to die or end up in jail for a very long time. I luckily found Therapia..."
""I started using drugs & alcohol when I was seventeen. It all started with alcohol and marijuana on the weekends. By age eighteen I had moved on to pain pills, shortly after I was a full blown heroin addict. I knew I needed to stop and could see my life going down the drain. Scholarships to college where lost..."
"I had come to a place of complete darkness and hopelessness in my life - if I had waited any longer to get help I don't think I would be alive today. The transformation I made in those two months is truly astonishing to me. With the help of the staff and other clients I was able to completely change my life..."
"First, I wanted to thank you for all you have done for Jeff, our family, and the amazing Band of Brothers. In 20+ years, I don't think I've met a person who could get through to Jeff the way that you have. Yes, you had a captive (no pun intended) audience with him, but, per his own words, 'If it hadn't been Davee..."
"Just thinking of you tonight with great love in my heart. You were the right person for Matt and for us as well. Your 'therapy' with us has been spot on and really appreciated and listened to. Thanks so much for being you."
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