Finding Adventure Beyond Addiction

Life after treatment can be a terrifying leap for those who have worked hard to shed the hold of addiction on their lives. However, reaching true and lasting recovery can open up a life to more beauty and excitement than can be realized when in the midst of addiction. Beyond addiction, life is full of adventures to reach forward and grasp. Here are some tips on how to rediscover the adventure that life can offer after addiction…


Few things can be as invigorating after addiction as seeing the world through new eyes, and there are few ways to see the world through new ideas that are more fulfilling than traveling. Going places and seeing more of the world gives you the opportunity to make stories in recovery that help rewrite your own life story.

Serve Others

Once you have been through the battle that addiction puts your life through, it is difficult not to develop an empathetic viewpoint in life. There is great power in this viewpoint, especially on a road of service. In recovery, seeking out ways to serve your fellow humankind and make a difference in lives other than your own will help you flesh out this new outlook and give you more perspective on life than you had even before addiction.

Reinvent Your Social Scene

For many recovered addicts, the group of family and friends that supported them throughout their treatment played a major part in their physical, mental, and spiritual healing. However, there is a chance that the social circle from before your treatment was part of what led you to the path of addiction in the first place. Regardless of which of these fits your story more, meeting new people and finding new communities to be a part of are both great joys in life, and should be a part of life beyond recovery.

Find Activities that Inspire You

Find things in life that give you passion. Beyond recovery, you have the rest of your life to find new things to love and be thrilled about. Being free of addiction gives people a vibrant new outlook on life and all the wonders that it can bring people. Find the things that inspire you and follow those paths to your heart’s content.