A group of teens wraps a joint.

01 Jul Addiction Follows Teens to Adulthood

As a parent, there are few things that are more stressful than the idea that our kids are on a troubling path, and are making destructive decisions that we cannot stop them from. When these fears manifest in today’s society, it is usually in the form of substance abuse. While it’s understandable that you don’t want to be an overbearing helicopter parent (that would probably have an adverse effect, anyways), you should also make sure to know what your child is up to and what they are doing. Addiction has a terrifying knack of following young people into adulthood in a variety of ways, and it’s important to challenge substance abuse early. Here’s some information about the conundrum of young people and addiction...
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Construction worker watching a crane

15 May Workers Comp and Addiction

Workers compensation programs and the benefits that they provide go a great way towards helping families and workers who have been injured on the job, financially, so that they can afford medical care and to live while they can’t work. However, one aspect of these programs that many states are now realizing that they need to deal with is the fact that our current medical system places too much responsibility on powerful prescription medications that have a history of being addictive. This puts these programs in a precarious position where they might actually be doing more harm to some workers than good, if they should develop a dependency. Here is some information about workers comp and addiction...
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A group of hikers in trees.

01 May Finding Adventure Beyond Addiction

Life after treatment can be a terrifying leap for those who have worked hard to shed the hold of addiction on their lives. However, reaching true and lasting recovery can open up a life to more beauty and excitement than can be realized when in the midst of addiction. Beyond addiction, life is full of adventures to reach forward and grasp. Here are some tips on how to rediscover the adventure that life can offer after addiction...
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A suitcase by a neatly made bed.

15 Apr Items to Pack for Inpatient Rehab

When getting ready for an extended stay at an inpatient rehabilitation program, there are some things that might seem very obvious to pack. For example, nobody is going to forget to bring clothes, or to pack their toothbrush (usually). In general, most people are going to pack what they would bring on any other sort of extended trip. However, there are a handful of other items that are usually wise to bring, but not always remembered. Here are some items to pack for inpatient rehab...
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01 Apr Americans Have Frequently Overcome Substance Abuse

When we think of the situation of substance abuse in the United States, it is frequently one of complete despair. We often hear about the spread of the opioid epidemic, and the rising numbers of addiction that we see in our society. However, the good news for those with addiction is that they aren’t alone in their struggle, and that there are plenty who have moved on from substance abuse. One particular new poll by the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services in New York found that a shocking 10% of American adults had beaten a problem with alcohol or illicit drugs (on top of that, 1 in 3 American adults had quit smoking, successfully).
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A baseball next to a syringe

15 Mar Links Between Addiction and Athletes

Many people undertake sports or athletic activities as a way to be healthier. And athletes are much healthier than non-athletes, typically! However, there is one particular health problem that athletes might be more prone to, particularly because of their participation in athletics: addiction. A 2017 study released in February by the University of Alberta examined the link between the high risks of addiction that are found among people who are athletes, and especially those who partook in team sports. Here are some of the surprising links that contribute to this higher rate of addiction...
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A young doctor holds up pills

01 Mar Aetna Loosens Addiction Treatment Restrictions

Historically, treatment for addiction and substance abuse is something that has always struggled to get traction with insurance companies. Many companies would gouge their customers for this sort of coverage, while some didn’t offer any coverage for addiction treatment at all. However, we have started to see a shift in this paradigm, thankfully. Recently, one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, Aetna, recently announced that it will start to remove barriers that prevent their clients from getting important medication to help people with substance dependencies.
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The molecular structure of a hallucinogen

15 Feb The Myth of Harmless Hallucinogens

Hallucinogenic drugs have been around for thousands of years, and have actually had cultural implications in many ancient societies. However, modern chemistry has led to the rise of several new hallucinogens, which are the most popular, such as LSD and PCP. As the usage rates of hallucinogens continues to rise, it has led to an increasing acceptance of the myth that hallucinogens are a harmless drug, since they pale in comparison to harder drugs, like myth or methamphetamines. Here is some information about why this is a myth, and the dangers that are still associated with hallucinogenic drugs...
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