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Addiction Recovery Group Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment
Addiction Recovery Group focuses on restoring lives one step at a time through intensive residential treatment. We provide 60-90 days of residential treatment and 90 days of aftercare for adult men and women. Our programs focus on the whole person – mind, body and spirit. We have a powerful healing environment where our clients participate in 30 hours of group work and 2 individual therapy sessions a week. Our beautiful locations in the Wasatch Mountains and at Zion Park give our clients the opportunity to engage in rich experiential activities and therapy. As they engage in peer-related experiences they find the accountability and empowerment to begin to overcome their addictions.

Our Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Program
Addiction Recovery Program We believe in the principles of the 12 Steps. Honesty, personal accountability, reliance on a higher power and service to others are the foundation of our program. Emotional and Shame-Based Belief System Work, Cognitive and Behavioral Techniques, Defense Mechanism Identification, Therapeutic Community, Relapse Prevention, Case Management, Experiential and Equine Therapy, and Family Systems Work are modalities effectively integrated into the 12 step work. Some of our clients experience both substance abuse and other mental health issues. Our sophisticated clinical team has the qualifications, experience, and expertise necessary to deal effectively with substance abuse issues as well as a wide range of mental health issues. Our clients leave with the tools necessary to stay clean and sober and live life at its fullest, capable of dealing with the many issues they may be confronted with.

Our Private Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Facilities
A safe environment free from distractions and conducive to healing plays a key role in the effectiveness and success in treatment. To this end, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and operate our facilities in strict compliance with federal HIPPA laws and we have located our private facilities significantly reducing distractions while capturing the power and serenity of some of the most beautiful scenery Mother Nature has to offer. We provide separate campuses for men and women.

Addiction Recovery Group for Families
We understand the significant impact addiction has had on all members of the family and are committed to supporting the family in the healing process.Family Programs We provide a family recovery program including 2-Day Family Workshops, weekly meetings, family counseling, substance abuse education, 12 step involvement, and individualized family work designed to provide families with the necessary tools to develop an effective family recovery plan. The Family workshops educate families about co-dependency, addiction, shame-based belief systems, defense mechanisms and family systems. We encourage family members to become involved in Al-Anon and other 12 step support groups to strengthen their own recovery.

Detox Services for Addiction Recovery
Each client is required to be medically stable prior to entering our facility. After a thorough assessment prior to intake, if medical detox is necessary, detox services are arranged with a separate local licensed drug detox facility.

Recovering a Healthy Lifestyle
Recovery FacilitiesThere is a connection between the body, the mind and the spirit. Addiction Recovery Group integrates a customized long-term nutritional and physical fitness plan as part of each client’s treatment plan. This plan will help them during their stay with us and as they move on to a sober and healthy life. Our treatment team includes a professional chef, licensed nutritionist and physical trainer who collaborate with the therapists and substance abuse counselors to ensure that our clients learn about the important role nutrition and fitness play in recovery and relapse prevention.

Lifetime Contract at Addiction Recovery Group
We stand behind our work. Understanding that relapse can happen, we provide lifetime services to all clients who complete both our residential and aftercare addiction recovery programs. If a client with a lifetime contract relapses, they are welcome to return to our care free of charge. They will be able to focus on a relapse track that will help them return to a life of recovery.

Addiction takes away life.
Addiction Recovery Group helps restore lives – one step at a time.